Bali Tour Guide

Bali has many attractive tourist spots, each filled with its own charms.

You can visit popular spots or can extend yourself to discover new Bali... Please enjoy your original trip!


The southern area is international, with high-class resort area Nusa Dua, Seminyak lined with stylish shops.
The central area features beautiful countryside, such as art village Ubud and Jatiluwih with a view of rice terraces.
The mysterious eastern area with Hindu head temple Besakih temple and Bali's indigenous village Tenganan.
The dynamic northern area with the majestic Kintamani plateau and Lovina Beach where you can meet wild dolphins.
The powerful western area with the National Park's virgin rainforest and Negara known for bamboo gamelan and jegog.

You can visit popular spots or extend your trip to discover new Bali. Enjoy your original trip with your exclusive charter car!


One of the main attractions of Bali is shopping. You can find rustic arts and crafts, painting, stylish interior goods cute natural accessories, resort-themed fashion, so many things that catch your eye.

Also, prices differ from area to area, from store to store, which is characteristic of Bali. Recently, more shops have come to display prices, but you can enjoy bargaining in Bali!

Of course, your guide helps you negotiate the price if you don't feel comfortable. You can shop locally in the market or stands as well as boutiques and malls elegantly. You can shop till drop!

Spas, beauty salons

When you are in Bali, please experience relaxation that heals your body and soul. Surrounding yourself with beautiful nature, you can spend a blissful moment while listening to the sound of waves and chirping of birds only in Bali. There are many healing spots, from high-class spas in hotels and accessible salons in town. There are so many menus that it's difficult to settle on one.

We recommend Balinese massage using fragrant oil, Bali's traditional body treatment using natural ingredients.

We can meet your needs such as spending a whole day at a spa and refreshing yourself during shopping etc.


Bali has many fishing spots.

You can fish by the shore or go over the coast by boat for a big catch. We will take you to the best spot in accordance with your needs.

*You can rent fishing equipment.

*You will be responsible for the cost of chartering a ship.


If you savor Bali's majestic nature, we recommend eco adventures.

Rafting while going down torrents, mountain cycling through countryside while feeling a wind, trekking where you meet rare plants and insects in Bali etc. You can savor the power of Mother Nature!

Marine sports

Benoa Cape in Nusa Dua, the southern area of Bali, is the mecca of marine sports.

Jet skiing through waves under the glittering sun, parasailing with a whole view of Nusa Dua, and snorkeling while playing with fish etc.

You can try various kinds of marine sports.

Theme parks

You can also enjoy being up close with animals and insects in Bali.

Bali Bird Park where you can meet precious birds from all over Indonesia

Bali Safari & Marine Park, where you can watch Indonesia's and Africa's animals up close on extensive grounds.

Bali Zoo whose night tour is popular

Bali Butterfly Park where you can meet rare butterflies

Recommended for travelers with children.

*You will be responsible for an entrance fee for each facility.


We recommend it to those of you who want to capture refreshing sunrise, beautiful sunset, majestic landscapes, and mysterious temples etc. with the camera.

We will take you to spectacular landscapes at the best timing as only local Balinese can do.

*Here's a professional photographer for travel magazines.



*Cooking classes→You can enjoy learning how to cook spicy Indonesian food, make it, and taste in an open kitchen in countryside.

*Bali dance appreciation→There are various kinds of mysterious and gorgeous traditional dances. We will take you to your desired performance site.

*Fortune telling→Bali's fortune telling was popularized by movies. There are different types of fortune telling such as palm reading and face reading. Popular fortune tellers require reservations in advance.

*Shopping→We have assisted many clients who make purchases for business. Please consult with us.

*Restaurant reservation→What should I eat? Where can I find good food? If you are in doubt, please talk to us. We can take you to high-class restaurants, street diners, and food carts.

*Rental cycle is available only to those who stay in the Ubud area.