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Tirta Gangga

This water villa was built in 1947 as the villa of the king governing Karangasem in the eastern area. Dubbed "Water of the holy Ganges River," it features fountains, ponds, and pools using clear spring water.

Visitors can swim in the pool. Even though Japanese tourists are rarely seen here, it's a popular spot for visitors from Europe and USA.

Tirta Gangga

Restaurants are located on a high ground looking down on the villa. Lunch in a fresh breeze


The Bali Aga, the original Balinese people, live in this village. They still maintain the original customs based on the Hindu religion of the early 11th century on Bali. The villagers were not allowed to marry outsiders in order to maintain its unique culture. In Tenganan Village, rare double Ikats and Bali's famous ata products are made by hand here, and visitors can watch and buy them.

*Visitors make a donation as they enter the village.

Goa Lawah Temple Built in the 11th century, this temple is called Goa Lawah or bat cave. At the back of the temple grounds, there is a cave where numerous bats live. You can see them fly and hanging. Also, it is said that this cave leads to Besakih temple, Bali Hindu's head temple.

This village makes salt from the sea water in a traditional way. Salt, which is made with great care over a long period of time has a slight sweet flavor. Visitors can watch the production process and purchase salt.

Kusamba Salt
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