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Jenggala pottery Bali's famous pottery workshop. With Bali motifs such as flowers and plants, Jengara pottery was born as tableware for high-class hotels. Its warm colored and playful design makes food taste better. It features more than 200 colors and 3000 designs, and people from all over the world come to buy them.
Padang-padang beach This beautiful beach with a emerald green sea was a location for the movie "Eat Pray Love" starring Julia Roberts. Now a popular spot, it also features surfing points.
Coffee Break Near the bridge that looks down on the beach there are several stylish cafes. Coffee break with a view of the ocean.
Uluwatu Temple

Standing on the edge of the precipitous cliff where raging waves reach, Uluwatu Temple is the most famous temple in Bali.

A view of beautiful and majestic sunset from this temple is impressive and leaves a long impression on you. Wild monkeys who live inside the temple entertain visitors with cute gestures, but you have to be careful as they are mischievous.

Uluwatu Temple
Kecak Dance

About 100 men wearing loincloth form a circle and dance while chanting "cak" in chorus. They split into several sections and make complex rhythm, and it's worthwhile watching it as it's overwhelming and humorous at the same time.

*You will watch it on the stage inside Uluwatu Temple against a sunset.

Kecak dance
Dinner Seafood dinner in Jimbaran
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