Price plan

Here is the information on the Lilacita Bali Tour price plan.

The following is the price for a charter car.

1 day (8 hours) with a guide $65 (up to 6 passengers per car)
Extension charge (per hour) $10
  • Less than 8 hours $15 per hour (from 3 hours and more)
  • Please make your payment to our staff member on that day.
  • The prices above include expenses for car, gasoline, driver, and parking.
  • The prices above do not include fees for facilities, entry, and food.
  • Please consult with us if you travel with a group of 6 or more.
  • If you bring large luggage such as suitcases, please let us know beforehand.
    (It will change the number of passengers per vehicle)
  • We can arrange airport pick-up/drop-off. The price differs in accordance with the area of your hotel. Please contact us for details.