Your original tour with an exclusive charter car


If you want to maximize your vacation in Bali, we recommend an exclusive charter vehicle. You can make your plan a reality that includes sightseeing, activities, shopping, and beauty treatment as you like.

We can personalize your trip to meet your desires in places you want to visit and food you want to eat. Please spend your times as you like.

"I want to go there!" "I want to buy this!" "Can I see this in just one day?" "What do you recommend?"

First, please consult with us. We will work on your original tour so that you can enjoy in the most effective way.

Please see the following tour guide and plan the best trip to Bali!

Bali Tourist Guide

Bali has many attractive tourist spots, each filled with its own charms.

You can visit popular spots or can extend yourself to discover new Bali... Please enjoy your original trip!


You want to cover all popular spots!
    You want to tour around recommended places!
    You are not sure what to visit! If this is you,
    you should join our "Lilacita Recommended Tour"